Are You Up for the UrbaCity Challenge? Show Us How!

Break out the phones and cameras, ‘cause it’s UrbaCity selfie time again! Reed Pope Law Corporation is donating $750 to our Island Prostate Centre charity – and as usual, they are doing it through your pledge pages.

In order to qualify for a $50 donation, you’ll need to show us how you’re up for the UrbaCity Challenge.UrbaCity

That means taking a photo showing you and/or your teammate preparing for UrbaCity.

You could be doing laps at the track, studying in the library, watching Jeopardy, or balancing on one foot on a yoga ball while reciting pi to 10 digits.

No one knows just what UrbaCity Challenge Stations will be, so how you prepare is up to you!

Once you’ve got your pic, use the hashtag #UrbaCity and tweet it to us, post it to our Facebook page, or email it directly to (and let us know your team name). Participants will be awarded one of 15 $50 pledge page donations, and we’ll be sure to share the best of the best.

The contest is on now, and will run until midnight on Sunday, May 29.

A total of 15 donations are available in total. A maximum of one $50 donation will be awarded per team.

Yes, the Dare to Share promotion is still going on, and yes, you can qualify for both bonuses!