Dare to Share and Get $25!

The UrbaCity Challenge is even more fun when you share it with your friends! Thanks to Long View Systems, we’re now offering a $25 fundraising bonus for UrbaCity teams that Dare to Share.

If you get a friend to create a team of their own, then both you and your friend will each get a $25 pledge page donation from Long View Systems (to a maximum of 30 teams total).

Tell your friends how much fun you’re going to have on June 7 with UrbaCity, and have them sign up too. Once we’ve got your team name and your friends’ team name, we’ll make the donations to your pledge pages: $25 to both teams!

Be sure to tag us on Facebook, or post on Twitter with #UrbaCity so we know what’s up. Or, email us directly at info@urbacitychallenge.ca if that’s your thing. Dare to Share starts now, and will be available until we reach 30 teams/donations. So get sharing!

Thanks again to Long View Systems for supporting UrbaCity!