Interview with a Champion: Britney Irvine

For five years, Britney Irvine has been competing in the UrbaCity Challenge – and coming in first for most of those years!

The undisputed master of the Brain category, Britney first competed with her father as team BKE, and later with her husband as team Scotney. This year, she will be participating from the sidelines, cheering everyone on and donating to the cause.

During her time at the top, she’s learned a thing or two about UrbaCity, which she was kind enough to share with our 2017 racers.

Why do you race UrbaCity?
When we heard of the challenge, we knew right away it was a perfect opportunity for us to get out and be active, both mentally and physically, while doing something good for the community and for the Island Prostate Centre.

What motivates you to fundraise for our charity?
Prostate cancer is a devastating disease that has the ability to affect everyone in one way or another. UrbaCity is an amazing catalyst for awareness of prostate cancer, and the funds raised go directly to the cause.

UrbaCity adds incentives to fundraise as well; the more money you raise for the Island Prostate Centre, the more extras you get in the race (such as a station skip token or time off your final score). It truly is a win-win!

What’s your favorite spot in downtown Victoria and why?  
I love the Inner Harbour area of downtown Victoria; it is absolutely gorgeous and, especially in the summer, the business and activities of the area are so much fun. All of the shops, the Empress and the Parliament Buildings make the Inner Harbour very special.

I also love Dallas Road and the walking paths and dog park along that area. The beauty of this part of town makes me so happy and proud to live in Victoria.

What is your favorite challenge station of all time?
There are way too many to mention!

A station that sticks in my memory is from a couple of years ago at the Games Room (The Strathcona). First you had to solve a complicated math problem, and then you had to throw darts at specific numbers on the dart board. My favourite part of this station was how my Dad is amazing at math AND at darts – it was like the station was made for our team!

Also, from the first year we competed, my Dad and I wrote and performed a rap song (to the tune of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) for a challenge about our city. I think our performance is still online somewhere…

If you could design a challenge station, what would it be?
Well I absolutely love dogs, so I would say a challenge where there are a bunch of adorable dogs that you have to walk, give treats to, and have them perform a trick. Perhaps also include a puzzle where you have to match the name of the dog breed to the picture of a dog.

What would you say to someone who has never raced UrbaCity before?
The UrbaCity challenge truly is for everyone – whether you are really competitive and athletic, or you’d rather enjoy the scenery and take in the sites of Victoria, this challenge is for you! It is a really unique way to spend time with friends and family, and the whole experience has a great sense of community.

You won’t be disappointed 🙂

If Britney’s UrbaCity experience sounds like something that you want to be a part of (but no promises on the doggy challenge station), then join the rest of our wonderful UrbaCity racers by registering today!