Pop quiz, hotshot. Which category are you?



Take on the town with thinking and problem solving challenges!

A shorter course and fewer fitness challenges make the Fun category the best choice for families and casual racers of all ages and activity levels.

  • Teams of two racers
  • Registration fee: $125
  • Minimum Team Fundraising: $100


Step it up a notch!

Add more fitness challenges and an even longer course, while still working your noggin. The Fierce category is best for racers that are ready to pound the pavement and put their brain and body to the test.

  • Teams of two racers
  • Registration fee: $125
  • Minimum Team Fundraising: $100


Build team spirit with UrbaCity!

Bring your coworkers out to play with a combination of puzzles, games and fitness challenges designed around cooperation. The Corporate Face-Off category is for any organization that wants to support and reward teamwork.

  • Teams of four racers
  • Registration fee: $700
  • Minimum Team Fundraising: $200

How does UrbaCity race day shake out? A little something like this:

run banner

8:15 am – 9:15 am:

Meet up at the Victoria Conference Centre (VCC) Pavilions to check in and receive your kit.  All teams must have already registered online and raised their fundraising pledge amount.

9:20 am:

Official welcome, warm-up and rules (and fun stuff)

10:15 am:

UrbaCity will kick off with a start challenge to unlock your map and clue sheets

10:15 am – 2:15 pm:

Take on the town! Teams have a maximum of four hours for UrbaCity. Teams must stick together at all times.

2:15 pm (or earlier):

Victory! Ring the bell at the VCC to mark your time.

In order to win UrbaCity, teams need to:

  • Fundraise the minimum amount (a team of 2 people $100/a team of 4 people $200)
  • Complete all of the challenge stations in your category, and as shown on your map. You’ll get your bib punched as you go.
  • Have the best time!

However, the main goal for all teams is to have fun – UrbaCity is a race, but all the fun is in getting there!

Challenges (they’re challenging)

An UrbaCity without challenges would just be a bunch of oddballs jogging around in colourful t-shirts. We like to keep a few secrets about what race day will be, but that doesn’t mean we can’t show you a little about what people get up to…