Corporate Face-Off

Do You Have a Team of Champions?

The Corporate Face-Off pits local Victoria businesses against the UrbaCity course, and against one another.

With UrbaCity you and your team aren’t runners on a track (or hamsters on a wheel). Teams of four will make their own path and their own pace. Solutions to each challenge won’t be easy, and will require a lot of teamwork. The unique route and challenges of UrbaCity are also designed for all fitness levels – not just marathon runners.

Building a Dream Team

Competing in the UrbaCity Challenge is an ideal way to encourage employee engagement through a pro-active collaborative experience in a freeform learning environment. Or, as we like to call it, “fun.”
There’s no way to know what each challenge will bring, so competitors will need to be on their toes, and rely on each other’s knowledge and abilities. After an experience like UrbaCity, team members will see a whole new side of Victoria, and one another.

A Local Charity

We’ve got local business, a local route, and a local charity: all donations raised through UrbaCity fundraising go directly to our charity, Island Prostate Centre.

Island Prostate Centre offers prostate cancer programs and services to local men and their families. These include community education, awareness and outreach, patient counseling and follow-up, collaboration and research and more. A not-for-profit staffed primarily by volunteers, Island Prostate Centre is the only centre of its kind in Canada.

To help raise money for Island Prostate Centre, each Corporate Face-Off team is required to make a minimum donation of at least $400. Donations can come from the company directly, from staff, or from community fundraising.

thingy bannerBringing the Bling

As if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got a pile of sweet prizes! Top team, top fundraising donation, t-shirts for all, and a winner’s trophy to share.

On top of all that, companies that either place first or generate the most donations will receive extra special recognition!

Let’s Go!

All that’s left is to register. Where else can you get:

  • An excuse to run amok in downtown Victoria
  • An amazing team building exercise
  • Professionally developed, clinically certified, Grade A, 100-proof fun
  • The opportunity to make a real difference to a local charity
  • A bottomless pit of shiny prizes
  • The chance to spread your name as UrbaCity’s #1 Corporate Face-Off team

Our 2016 champs from team IBM Guaranteed to Succeed