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We are thrilled to have Jonathan Willcocks and his team from Pinnacle Pursuits back as our course designer! Jono is a native of Victoria and is elated to be leading the course design as the Founder of Pinnacle Pursuits.

Pinnacle Pursuits is an award winning, globally recognized interactive team-building and experiential event company. Since 1997, they’ve provided action-based learning experiences that give teams and leaders – of all ages and abilities – the opportunity to recognize their strengths, discover their unlimited potential, and celebrate their successes. The team has held events in Canada, the US, UK, Asia, Europe, and Mexico.

Pinnacle Pursuits Charity Challenge Division. For unique fundraising causes, and to help build community legacy, as in UrbaCity, Pinnacle Pursuits is becoming quickly recognized for their strategic marketing, event consulting and creative course design – adventure-style!

Teams can expect the race of their lives with the Pinnacle Team at the helm.

To find out more about Pinnacle Pursuits or to explore possibilities on how your group can expand their opportunities for learning, growth and success, call today at 1-604-876-7535 or check out www.PinnaclePursuits.comDSC_0056