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Contact us directly! We’ve got  all the answers at info@urbacitychallenge.ca.


Where is the start and finish line? Where do I check in on race day?

For 2017, UrbaCity has moved our homebase to the Victoria Conference Centre (VCC) Pavilions.


I need help with registering and fundraising online

UrbaCity registration and fundraising is done online through RaceRoster. For help and answers to some of the most common questions, visit the support page: https://support.raceroster.com/hc/en-us/categories/201359043-Participants


When is the race and when does registration open?

UrbaCity is on Sunday, September 24, 2017. Early Bird registration opens January 24, 2017.


Do I Need to Fill Out a Waiver?

Yes, every single UrbaCity participant must fill out a waiver. Registrants (the people that click the actual buttons to sign up) will complete the waiver as part of the sign up process. Their team members will also need to sign a waiver. The waiver is online here. Once you complete it, you’ll get an email – be sure to click the Confirmation link in that email!


What’s up with the categories?

In 2017, UrbaCity changed the racer categories. Previously, teams of two could choose from Brain, Brawn, and Ultra Racer categories. As of 2017, teams of two can choose from Fun and Fierce categories. (Teams of four still have the same Corporate Face-Off category.) The new categories let racers decide if they want a less physical race with lots of puzzles (Fun) or a more intense race, which adds a longer course and more strength challenges (Fierce). Both categories take in the best of Victoria’s downtown core and both will involve several hours at play.


Skip Tokens

One of the perks of raising more for Island Prostate Centre is race bonuses. These include skip tokens. Teams that have earned a skip token can use it to skip a challenge station (and save time). If a team does not have a skip token, they must complete all the challenge stations in their category.


Time Reductions

Another perk for top fundraisers is a straight reduction in race time. Donating a certain amount will qualify a team for a five minute or ten minute reduction. So if they complete the race in 2:45, but have earned a five minute reduction, their actual completion time will be 2:40. A team that crosses the finish line second may still place first, if they’ve earned a time reduction!


Can my friends come to cheer me on?

Yes! By all means, bring your cheerleaders. But please keep in mind that there are challenges and activities at the VCC during the start and finish, so spectators will need to make sure they are not blocking the course or any racer.


I already donated and/or grew a ‘stache for Movember! Why should I do UrbaCity too?

Movember is an awesome event that raises incredible awareness and money for National Prostate research. The UrbaCity difference is that we’re all about local. We are a home-grown event, dedicated to Victoria pride. UrbaCity keeps donations local too – all funds go to our own Island Prostate Centre. By directing our fundraising to a Victoria charity, we know that the amount we raise will have real impact on men in our community.


What’s up with the pledges?

Each team of two is required to pledge at least $100 to our cause, Island Prostate Centre. That’s just $50 per person. Donate more, and you’ll qualify for some spiffy bonuses!


How hard is it?

UrbaCity is a four hour race involving both physical and mental agility. Be sure you pick the right category for your fitness level.


What do I win?

It’s a secret, but you can catch a sneak peak here. Clever competitors have also been known to check out our sponsor page for a list of all of our prize donors


Do I need to know Victoria really well in order to compete?

If you can read a street map then you can find your way around the course. But it doesn’t hurt to get to know the city either!


What if I get lost?

You will be provided with a map. The race is within only the city centre, and you can ask people/shop owners if you get lost. Volunteers will also be on route to assist with your questions and get you back on track. Your race package will have key phone numbers if you require immediate assistance.

You are allowed to bring and use any technology or gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, GPS locators or other handheld devices.


What kind of transportation can we use?

Unless part of a challenge or previously authorized, foot travel only.


Are there mandatory gear requirements?

We’ll provide you with super stylish UrbaCity Challenge t-shirts. These t-shirts must be worn at all times to identify our competitors.


Will there be first aid attendants on site?

Yes, first aid attendants will be spread throughout the competition site to ensure rapid response to any emergency situation. If an attendant is not near where you are, then please call 911.


Is there a minimum age requirement?

Any competitor under 19 must compete with a parent or legal guardian.


Will there be parking?

There is free street and parkade parking on Sundays in downtown Victoria, plus pay parking. But please try and use alternative modes of transportation to limit our impact on the environment. Bus, walk, bike or carpool.


What if it rains?

The event will go regardless of weather (we’re Victoria, we play in anything!). So dress accordingly!


Can I donate to Island Prostate Centre directly?

Definitely! Use the “Donate Now” button on the UrbaCity Race Roster page: https://raceroster.com/events/2017/8277/the-urbacity-challenge



Safety Teams must adhere to all provincial and municipal laws during the event. This includes all traffic laws pertaining to pedestrians. Please refrain from engaging in any behaviour that disregards your personal safety or the safety of others, or that deliberately misleads or impedes the progress of other teams. Teams that violate this rule will be subject to disqualification.

Food and Beverage Teams are encouraged to bring their own food and beverage and are allowed to stop at any time during the event to purchase food, beverage or other needed supplies. Teams are encouraged to carry bottled water at all times during the event.

Legal Stuff These rules are subject to change without notice. Teams are responsible for knowing the rules. All decisions interpreting or applying these rules will be made by UrbaCity. All decisions and interpretations are final. There is no right of appeal or review.