Raven Releasing the Sun

This year, UrbaCity is introducing a new trophy to help recognize winners in the Corporate Off-Category – and this is no bowling trophy.

2001-08-19-09_211x300The new Corporate Face-Off trophy, named “Raven Releasing the Sun” is being designed by artist and carver Richard Hunt. Member of Royal Academy of the Arts and recipient of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, BC Creative Achievement Award for Aboriginal Art, Order of BC and Order of Canada, Richard is a very welcome addition to UrbaCity.

Richard’s work, as seen recently in his coin for the Canadian Mint, often features depictions of his ancestral mythology. His UrbaCity work similarly comes from his roots.

“The Raven is the main crest of the Hunt family from Fort Rupert, B.C. and it was the main crest of my father, Henry Hunt,” said Richard. “When I was first asked to create the trophy for UrbaCity, this design came to mind.  Raven Releasing the Sun is a myth of the people of the Northwest Coast and it represents renewal.”

“The Sun occupies a special place in the Kwaguilth myth and legend.  It is frequently represented on masks, totem poles and other items.  The Sun is owned by many Kwaguilth families as a “crest” and is proudly displayed in ceremonial art.”

Thanks Richard – we look forward to seeing and sharing more of Raven Releasing the Sun in the weeks leading up to race day!