Show this One to HR!

For UrbaCity 2017, we’ve been seeing some amazing new participation from local businesses and organizations. They aren’t just competing with one team either – we’re seeing twos, threes, and even more!

Where does this newfound interest come from? The HR department.

Many organizations have a Health and Wellness Committee (or equivalent) as part of their Human Resources department. Tasked with keeping staff healthy and safe at the office, Health and Wellness Committees are often on the hunt for engaging ways for employees to stay active.

You can guess where we are going with this.

Mo’ Morale

UrbaCity is an excellent way for your workplace to encourage staff to stay moving. Not only do UrbaCity racers get a vigorous tour of downtown Victoria, they also test their brains, co-operatively.

UrbaCity teams build amazing memories, team spirit, and strong interpersonal bonds. Corporate Face-Off Teams that learn to play together at UrbaCity, also learn to work together back in the office.

Step by Step

Here’s how one participating company (who prefers to remain anonymous) made it happen:

  • Previous UrbaCity racers pitched the idea to the Health and Wellness Committee at their workplace, explaining all about the event and linking to the UrbaCity website for details.
  • The company sponsored a pre-set number of participants
  • To find racers, the company posted an ad on their Intranet site (a bulletin board works too)
  • Staff that were interested signed up and provided all their information (including team name)
  • The company paid for all UrbaCity team registrations, using the information the employees provided.
  • Each team is then responsible for their own fundraising and race preparation.

At this company, UrbaCity fundraising leaderboards are also being shared on their Intranet, to encourage a little healthy competition. All fundraising goes to our charity, Island Prostate Centre.

Your workplace just might be willing to step up, be a part of UrbaCity, and improve employee wellness by sponsoring a team. Visit your HR department today and see what they say.

Need more information? Contact with questions.