UrbaCity Racer Profile: Nuwida

Team Nuwida was our 2014 top fundraiser in the Brain, Brawn, and Ultra categories, raising $1050 dollars for The Prostate Centre!  We recently picked the brain of team member Stephanie to find the secret sauce to her success.

Do you have any tips for racers, to help them get their donation started?
Start asking early. If you are motivated, you can sell your items, collect bottles, or approach businesses. It helps to have a good salesperson in your life 🙂

Was it hard to get motivated to raise funds for UrbaCity and The Prostate Centre?
It was not hard! I’ve gotta say, my primary motivation was the skip challenge chip and the time subtraction.

How did you raise your donation of $1050?
My husband did most of the work, raising money through his friends and co-workers. We also sold a few things we did not need. I think the cause hit home for a few of his friends, so we were able to get some larger donations.

Did you ever get any strange looks or questions from people when you were running downtown?
Tons! That’s half the fun of it. People are so supportive when you tell them you are running a race and raising money for prostate cancer. I saw a fair number of envious looks too. It was so much fun.

 Did you see any new parts of Victoria during UrbaCity 2014?
I ran UrbaCity 2013 and 2012 as well, but never rode a harbour ferry until 2014!

Any other thoughts about UrbaCity you’d like to share?
I can’t believe that the SOFMC does not fill up with people for this race. I am always torn between getting people to join and keeping my mouth shut (better chance of winning)! I always go for the former – it’s all in fun and all for a good cause.

So there you have it – recruit your spouse and UrbaCity fundraising is a piece of cake! About that name  Nuwida: it comes from the names of Stephanie’s children combined those of her sister’s. Stephanie is racing with a new teammate this year under the name Numadach – watch out for them!

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